We create A world full of dreams through “Food”
~ We give with “Magokoro”~
( “Magokoro” means sincerity. )

The products we handle are raw materials for processed products.
We are striving every day to improve our high quality and delivery
system, reduce costs, and ensure stable supply.

However, We believe that our true product is ” Magokoro “.
Even if it is an raw materials, it is our mission to deliver it with
sincerity and so that customers can eat it deliciously.

≪ History ≫
Apr. 1935

Founder Manabu Ito founded Fukumido as a sole proprietorship,
and is also engaged in the confectionery manufacturing and sales
business and the secondary wholesale business of raw materials

Jun. 1951

With the abolition of control of sugar and flour, it was
incorporated into Ito Sugar Co., Ltd. as a wholesaler of sugar, flour,
and food products in Tokaichi, Hiroshima City
Dec. 1963      Acquired a warehouse in Tokaichi, Hiroshima City
Jun. 1971 Acquisition of warehouse in Honkawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
Aug. 1979 Headquarters and warehouse moved to the Nishi-ku Commerce and

Industry Center of Hiroshima City

Feb. 1981

Built and completed the East Sales Office at the Commerce and Industry

Center in Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City
Jun. 1992 Changed the trade name to Ito Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1993 Fukuyama branch opened
Jul. 1999 Kyushu sales office opened
Jul. 2008 Osaka sales office opened
Sep. 2018 in the Hiroshima City Nishi Ward Commerce and Industry Center

Headquarters and warehouse relocated

≪ Company Profile ≫
Company Name :  Ito Co., Ltd
Representative :  Chairperson Gakuhito Ito, President Shinichiro Ito
Board Director :  Gunji Yamashita, Masao Hayashi
Founded :  April 1935
Established :  June 1951
Capital :  99.9 million yen
Net sales :  9.4 billion yen(estimated amount) 
Description of Business :  Sales of processed food raw materials:

various sugars, wheat flour, isomerized sugars, starch syrup,
liquid sugar, millet, glucose, seasonings, edible oils, food
additive, salt, Oxygen absorbers, Vegetable oils and fats,

1-12-16 Commerce and Industry Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City

(Fukuyama Branch)
1381-28 Tomanashi, Mobira, Kasaoka City

(Kyushu Sales Office)
366-1 Etsuji, Kasuya-cho, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka
(Uchida Transport Co., Ltd. Logistics Center)

(Osaka Sales Office)
2-8-12 Fumino-sato, Abeno-ku, Osaka